Candidates for the 2021 Alumni Board Election

Below are the statements from the candidates running for seats on the Alumni Board in the 2021 election. All Network members will receive a link to vote online via SurveyMonkey. Voting will begin on Monday, September 20, 2021 and remain open until Monday, September 27 at 11:59 pm Eastern time.


Kenneth Hammond '12

When I was in Pops, I played trombone, served as Publicity Chair and Co-President, and undertook special projects such as procuring a theremin for a rendition of The Spellbound Concerto. More recently, as a founding member of the Network and later its Vice President, I led the effort to gain recognition as a Shared Interest Group from HAA in 2015 and have managed the Network’s website and email communications. I hope to continue serving as an Alumni Board member to give back to an orchestra that has given so much to me.

Jeffrey Iuliano '13

As a member of the board over the last few years, it has been wonderful to see the Alumni Network grow and build exciting traditions.  The Pops was such an important part of many of our lives at Harvard -- not just because it is by far the coolest orchestra on campus, but because of the amazing people we were able to meet, collaborate with, and befriend.  The Alumni Network serves the dual role of sustaining and extending that community off-campus and post-graduation, while supporting the current orchestra and connecting them to the Alumni.  I believe this to be a valuable goal, and so would be happy to continue working to further it as a member of the Alumni Network Board.

Andrew Mazzanti '17

Hello Popsies near and far! My name is Andrew Mazzanti, and I graduated from Harvard in 2017. I played trombone with Pops for 4 years, was on creative team for 7 of our concerts, and did some time as attendance manager, co-president, social chair, and student conductor. Now I’m doing my MD/PhD in Toronto, and wanting to give back to this great organization, leaning on my experience music directing a medical school musical and my wealth of experience with Pops, including being co-president as the alumni board was first being formalized. I’m looking forward to helping Pops continue to thrive!

Kathryn Norman '15

Hi Harvard Pops Alumni Network! I graduated in 2015 and still think back to my Pops glory days on a daily basis. I joined the Alumni Board two years ago and have loved being able to support connections among alumni and remain in closer touch with the goings-on of the orchestra. Getting to meet current orchestra members on our Zoom reunion event a few months ago was a highlight of my time on the board so far! I recently moved back to Boston and hope my next phase on the board includes opportunities for in-person connections (and attending concerts!), as well as continued virtual events.

Mary Ellen Stebbins '08

I was a proud member of the second violin section from 2004-2008, during which time I served as President of the group and Special Projects Chair.  I have been a member of the Alumni Board since 2015, serving as President since 2017.  It was been a great joy over the years to connect with so many of you through the various events and virtual engagement the Network has to offer.   I have focused on growing alumni connection to the orchestra through participation in Pops events and gift giving, including things like alumni concerts and reunion events.

 I would love to continue to serve as a member of the Alumni Board for the next term.  I look forward to forging a deeper connection between alumni and undergraduates and continuing to strengthen alumni support for the orchestra!

Elizabeth Weinbloom '07

Elizabeth Weinbloom ‘07 hopes to continue serving Popskind through the alumni board for another couple years. She plays the cello (or once did, judging by the dust on it right now) and wrote a lot of dumb jokes for Pops in the past. She now writes dumb jokes for a web series called At Home with Rhinestone Gorilla and also carefully edits her dumb jokes out of her actual professional work in instructional design, mostly. She supports the Pops undergrads in all their music-making and joke-making endeavors, dumb or not. She is not sure if she’s meant to write about herself in the third person here but went for it anyway.