Candidates for the 2019 Alumni Board Election

Below are the statements from the candidates running for seats on the Alumni Board in the 2019 election. All Network members will receive a link to vote online via SurveyMonkey. Voting will begin on Wednesday, July 24, 2019 and remain open until Wednesday, July 31 at 11:59 pm Eastern time.


Kenneth Hammond '12

When I was in Pops, I played trombone, served as Publicity Chair and Co-President, and undertook special projects such as procuring a theremin for a rendition of The Spellbound Concerto. More recently, as a founding member of the Network and later its Vice President, I led the effort to gain recognition as a Shared Interest Group from HAA in 2015 and have managed the Network’s website and email communications. I hope to continue serving as an Alumni Board member to give back to an orchestra that has given so much to me.

Jeffrey Iuliano '13

In the Pops, I was a cellist (class of 2013), and served as a librarian and then president of the orchestra. I am currently the treasurer on the Alumni Board. The Alumni Network is important in building and maintaining the broader Pops community, and offers valuable support to the current orchestra. I appreciate the time and effort people have put into building the Network, and am happy to volunteer to help!

Kathryn Norman '15

I was a proud second violin in Pops from 2011-2015, during which time I also served as co-president, attendance manager, and financial officer. I hope to now serve on the Alumni Board to work on bridging Pops’ close-knit, collaborative community past the undergraduate years and into the alumni realm. Our creative products might be the most noticeable aspect of Pops, but nothing would be possible without the strong and meaningful connections that exist between Popsies. I believe that it’s important to maintain those even though we don’t get to play together every week.

Mary Ellen Stebbins '08

My name is Mary Ellen Stebbins and I would be honored to continue serve on the Pops Alumni Board.
In my last four years on the board I have loved connecting with alums through the network and getting to know the current undergraduates! As president of the board for the last two years I have focused on growing alumni connection through participation in Pops events and gift giving. I am excited to keep building support for the orchestra among our members through events like the mini reunion in May and gathering alums together to attend Pops concerts. In addition, I am committed to working with the OFA to find ways to further increase Allen's salary.
I would love to continue to serve the Pops as a member of the Alumni Board for the next term. I look forward to forging a deeper connection between alumni and undergraduates and strengthening alumni support through continued fundraising and promotion of Pops events!

Elizabeth Weinbloom '07

I'm Elizabeth Weinbloom '07 and I'd be pleased to continue serving on the Pops Alumni Board! I was co-president and primary script-writing person during my time, a period in Pops history which included such Pops milestones as the introduction of fully scripted narrative concerts, the first pineapple smashing, the opening of the endowment, and Pops' first (and still only?) CD recording and radio broadcast. I also scripted Pops' 10th anniversary concert, our first (and still only?) full concert in Sanders. In my grown-up life I am part of a living-room musical theater company and this one time I wrote an Animaniacs burlesque show, so the Pops spirit very much lives on in my post-collegiate artistic pursuits. I play the cello and live in the Boston area.
I've been very impressed by the Pops undergrads I've met during my time on the board so far, and by the concerts I've attended -- their recent opening spot in the Arts First main tent had me kvelling -- and I hope to continue supporting the students' work through being a resource and fundraising. In my board candidacy statement last cycle I wrote that I was interested in "establishing a centralized and accessible archive of old scripts, films, and programs so that we can indulge our nostalgia and so the students can steal our jokes," and I completely forgot about that but it still seems like a great idea, so perhaps that project can happen next cycle!