Alumni Board Elections: July 2017

(Update: the candidates have been anounced! See their statements here.)


We're excited to announce that the Harvard Pops Alumni Network will be holding its first official Board elections this July!


The objectives of the Alumni Network for the next two-year term will include, but are not limited to:

  • Continue to push for increases in Harvard's contribution to the music director's salary
  • Continue the alumni endowment donation campaign
  • Plan alumni events inside and outside Cambridge
  • Build rapport with the undergraduate board


The Alumni Board contains six elected members. All members of the Alumni Network are eligible both to vote and to run for a seat on the Board. The time commitment is unlikely to exceed 40 hours per year plus occasional (once per year, give or take) travel to Cambridge. All board members are strongly encouraged to attend at least one Pops concert per year, although this is not required.


The election will proceed as follows. All Network members are invited to nominate themselves or others for the board via email to until the nomination deadline of Friday, June 30. Those who are nominated by others will be promptly notified and given the opportunity to accept. All candidates must submit a brief statement (50 to 100 words) explaining their qualifications and motivations for running. These statements will be distributed to the Network on July 3, at which point the online voting system will be open until July 14. Voters will be able to choose six favorites among the candidates on the ballot. The six candidates with the most votes overall will win seats on the next Board.


Following the election, the newly elected board members will each assume a specific position through mutual agreement by August 1. These positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chair of Event Planning, and Chair of Professional Development. Brief descriptions of the responsibilities specific to each position are listed at the bottom of this page.


We think this is an exciting and important juncture for our young organization, and we hope that you will take part. Contact us now if you'd like to nominate someone or throw your own hat into the ring!


Positions: note that responsibilities may be redistributed by mutual agreement between board members.

  1. President: manage operations of the Board; schedule and preside over meetings; preside over elections; appoint officers or members-at-large to complete special tasks for the network.
  2. Vice President: distribute newsletters, announcements, and other materials to keep members informed of upcoming events; build and maintain roster and mailing list of current members.
  3. Secretary: compose newsletters, announcements, and other materials for distribution to members; coordinate with current Pops board to maintain an Internet presence for the Network; record minutes of board meetings.
  4. Treasurer: coordinate and execute fundraising campaigns for the benefit of the Pops; assist the Pops Financial Officer upon request in managing the Pops endowment and in applying for grants.
  5. Chair of Event Planning: plan and execute alumni events that coincide with Orchestra events, and appoint other officers or members to assist with these tasks; work with the Secretary to promote these events to other members.
  6. Chair of Professional Development: promote the exchange of professional relationships and contacts among Network members.