Celebrate 20 with 20

The Harvard Pops Orchestra 20th Anniversary Alumni Fundraising Initiative

On the eve of our 20th Anniversary, join us in "Celebrating 20 with 20" and help us add $20,000 to the endowment by February 2017!


Our alumni are a vital part of the Pops. Your participation in the Alumni Network speaks volumes about the belief our alumni have in our mission to present a unique brand of performance blending music, theater, and media. Earlier this year your support of Allen led to an increase of his stipend from the OFA. Here at the 20th Anniversary we have another chance to further our support for the orchestra and ensure that the Harvard Pops continues to grow and provide unparalleled opportunity for student creativity.


The endowment is now over $30,000 and currently provides a little over $1,000 per year for the orchestra. These funds cover much-needed operating expenses -- snacks, music rental, and publicity costs, to name a few. Growing our endowment increases this yearly figure, providing funds for capital purchases such as music acquisition, microphones, and media and archival equipment.


Your donation today represents a pledge towards the longevity and continued growth of the orchestra. We are offering several levels of sponsorship and each donation, large or small, will move us closer to our goal.


  • Pops Idol ($5,000 and over): Benefactors at this level can endow a chair in our orchestra + 2 tickets to the Alumni Concert on February 11
  • Pops Star ($2,000-$4,999): Benefactors at this level can get the chance to conduct at the Alumni Concert + 2 tickets to the Alumni Concert
  • Pops Rock ($1,000-$1.999): Benefactors at this level can get a shout-out in the script + 2 tickets to the Alumni Concert
  • Pops-Icle ($500-$999): Benefactors at this level receive a Harvard Pops sweatshirt
  • Pops Corn ($100-$499): Benefactors at this level receive 1 ticket to the Alumni Concert
  • Pops Tart ($1-$99)


All donations are tax-deductible. Gift receipts are sent to all donors by the Recording Secretary's Office as an acknowledgement of the gift and as a tax receipt for the Internal Revenue Service.


Click here to donate today! This link will take you to a page with instructions on how to donate to the endowment as well as a form to report your donation to us (the Alumni Network). Please follow the directions carefully.


Questions? Email popsalumni@post.harvard.edu.